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15 Activities For Self Care

*Scroll down to see my 15 favorite activities for self care!*  Opening a new business hasn’t exactly been a walk in the park. In fact, it’s easily the most challenging thing we’ve ever done. About one month into our business opening, it was impossible to ignore the effects on our minds, bodies, and souls for […]

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When one door closes, another will surely open.  I had a plan. A goal that I had been actively pursuing since I was a senior in high school. I was told time and time again during college that most people change their majors at least once, and they rarely get jobs in their field post […]

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A Note on Gratitude

I wanted to start off this blog post by saying a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has shown us support during our first week of business! We are so beyond grateful for the kind words, great ideas, and positive energy you have been bringing to us each day. From the bottom of our hearts, […]

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